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Explanation to the data security

for the entire offer of iranindustry a Privacy Policy is valid. The following remarks refer to the range of the data bases and other services, which you can access only as registered users.

Data over your company, offers and advertisements, entered by you, are to all users in form of a preview at the disposal. For users with a paid entrance also in detailed form. to access can.

Their personal data are used exclusively for the administration of your account. In particular they serve for the establishment of contact with available complaints. If necessary we will inform you by email about changes of the use conditions or - possibilities of iranindustry. As far as we are obligated legally or by court order to it, we will convey your data at information-entitled places.

Beyond that no personal utilization takes place. In particular we do not pass data on to third and them neither for own marketing purposes will use nor with other data sources will link. The statistic evaluation of made anonymous data records remains reserving.

Our forum software works with Cookies (small files, which are stored on your computer). They serve primarily to take up configuration data. In addition information belongs, which Threads (discussion threads) opened you. If you logged in with us, a Cookie contains also your user identification and your alias. Cookies with configuration information are deleted automatically when closing your Browsers.