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There are four data bases

Firm data base
Data base with firm addresses and of these offered products and services
Advertisement data base
Data base with concrete advertisements for projects
Co-operation data base
Data base with general cooperation inquiries independently of concrete projects
Market study data base
Data base with market studies to economic development in the regions. Here both liable to pay the costs and open market studies can be offered.

They can register your company with products and services in one of the three languages into the data base.
If you E-Mail an address to have can register yourselves you it here and use our on-line form for input.
If you E-Mail address do not have will expression you our off-line form for entry.
The filled out form with stamp and signature send you please to the following address
12205 Berlin

The entry of the data of your company of a language is free.
De-energising the other two languages costs in each case 30 € / Jahr and contains the translation.