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My entry appears only in a language version 
The guest book is in such a way programmed that the contribution appears on the side with the language version, where it was registered, since we assume the author of this language is powerful. Around a contribution in 3 language versions to produce one must enter this 3 time in the different languages on the respective side. The automatic translation is at this time unfortunately still so bad that we do over to misunderstandings to prevent without these. With the translationbuttons you can convince yourselves over the present succeed in quality of the automatic translation, which fails in particular with spelling mistakes.
I do not understand the translation? 
The automatic translation cannot in particular seize with spelling mistakes the sense of sentences. The offered translation does not show you the state of the art however replaced under any circumstances a human translator. The guest book entries of humans translate to let appears to us for the moment however as too complex.  
My entry was deleted, why? 
As Web offer in Germany we are subject to the German jurisdiction in particular the Teledienstgesetz. We are commit ourselves admit become contributions the right offences contain, like radically right-wing ideas, personality-hurting expressions, to remove offences against author and competition right immediately from the side to.  
Can I correct my entry later ? 
The guest book does not require an account, so that we cannot offer a correction option to you as in the forums. Collecting of answers or corrections of the own contribution is conceived with a small restraining threshold (no registration) and contains therefore also no comfort functions like.